Oatmeal, It’s not just for breakfast!

Oatmeal, It’s not just for breakfast!  


As we all know eating oatmeal may help to fight off heart disease and shrink ones waste size.  But, did you know it’s also an amazing skin cleanser?  


That’s right, your taste buds might not fancy a morning bowl of oats but your skin loves it.


  • Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties that are perfect for even the most sensitive skin
  • It's natural cleaning agent containing natural saponins that helps to break down and remove greasy oil skin residues. 
  • It’s nutrient rich and moisturizing. 
  • It stimulates and tones the skin by exfoliating.
  • Helps to relieve and treat acne, rosacea and rashes.
  • Rejuvenates helping your skin look and feel younger.


Find out how great your skin can look and feel for yourself by starting and finishing your day with a bar of our Pure Oatmeal soap. You might just think it feels even better than it tastes.


Oatmeal it's not just for breakfast

Put some pep in your step

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Mint Benefits